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Best Rajasthan Occupational Therapists Award received on 27th October, 2012.
Organise camp, papplate distribute for awareness on world disabled day


A Voice from the Heart

Many, many years ago, my life took an unexpected turn, It has been a very long journey from that point of time, till today. As the founder President of SNM which endeavours to promote a better way of life for the mentally challenged and autistic; committed to improving the conditions of the under privileged and the poor. The journey has been one of discovery, with an ever-deepening realization that each one of us can make a difference. As we move into the new millennium, we have to activate that choice to bring about the changes that are so needed. And as we open up to transformation within ourselves, so society also transforms; every change that each individual makes, creates a chain reaction that is of benefit to all.

True compassionate action comes out of the awareness that we are all inseparable. We are each so similar. Beneath the colour of our skin lie the same organs, the same blood and tissue; we breathe in the same air. We are so similar, yet the differences in our minds become vast and create a separation, ignorance, and hatred, that blind us to who we truly are. We have different roles to play, like the various instruments that make up an orchestra, but each one is essential for the full symphony.

Many a time I have wondered with awe at the power of the human spirit. This is what gave me strength and vision to set up SNM chain of institution, for the welfare and rehabilitation of developmentally disabled and minimal brian-damaged children. The SNM special school, which is presently starting educating 10 special children, also provides facilities and opportunities for their welfare and rehabilitation. Its outreach programme seeks to cover children from Rajasthan. In fact, the SNM School pioneered the concept of integrated education, well before this become a part of the National Policy on Education.

A quote from Jawahar Lal Neharu inspired me to set up schools for slum children -the SNM Special School It said: "Look into the eyes of the poorest man or woman and ask, 'Is your work going to make his or her life any better?' “The underlying catastrophe is poverty -economic poverty, spiritual poverty, and poverty of the imagination.

The tremendous potential of education can literally transform the world. A concerted effort is required to bridge the gulf between the 'haves' and 'have-nots’, and enable them to live with dignity and general well being. In addition to this, the projects for the disadvantaged children have the important social objectives of inculcating values of national integration, educating the girl-child, eliminating crime, and the observance of small family norms. For, it is my firm belief that education and financial support are not only essential in combating poverty, but are also indispensable in building a world of greater justice and quality.

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