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Best Rajasthan Occupational Therapists Award received on 27th October, 2012.
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Fun Fitness…Kids club

"I would love to play and make friends to share my feeling and dreams. Can I go to a club as papa and bhaiya go...?"

Touched by such questions of a special child fun fitness…kids club was started in November, 2012 to provide the special needs young adults as their right to leisure activities & socialization by Special Educators worked hard to have this project take wings in the year .

Fun fitness….kids club has been functioning successfully. The club is aimed at providing a platform for social interaction for intellectually challenged adults and adolescent. The recreational club runs on Saturdays between 9.30 am to 1.30 pm. The club provides facilities for sports, excursions, library, T.V. room, creative arts, dance & movements, computer skills and yoga. The idea is to giving the special needs individual continues opportunities to develop physical fitness, demonstrate courage, experience joy and participate in the sharing of gifts, skills and friendship with other special needs adult and also the sense of belonging to a group.

The club is open for special needs individuals who are above 15 years of age. All adolescents and young adults with disabilities are welcome to register as members.


 SNM  Special School
Mobile No.-09414058796

Timings: Every Saturday, 9.30 am - 1.30 pm

 Coordinator, Fun Club


Separate centres - at  SNM  special school - are run by a multi - disciplinary team which consists of the social worker, psychiatrist, clinical Psychologists, counselor, special educator, speech therapist, occupational therapist and the physiotherapist.

 The services provided are :-

  • Early developmental assessment of infants and toddlers.
  • Intellectual assessment of children from 2 to 18 years.
  • Hearing, speech and language assessments.
  • Assessments of communication abilities of people with autism.
  • Functional and academic skills assessment.
  • Individual program planning according to each child's abilities and potentials.
  • Parental counseling and guidance.
  • Outreach and home based programs for outstation and distantly located children.
  • Behavior modification guidance to parents and caregivers.
  • Procedure for assessments at Diagnostic centre - Visit admissions office at SNM ...Holistic physical and mental rehab clinic and register your child. You will get an on the spot appointment for diagnostics.
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